4 Beautiful Ways To Display Your Kid’s Artwork

Your kids art in a coffee table book. What could be better?
Your kids art in a coffee table book. What could be better?
If your home has become a shrine to your kids' art efforts, here are four ways to display it neatly whilst still being able to see your fridge door.

It’s covering your fridge, stacking up in the cupboard, and littering your desk. But you can’t bring yourself to throw it away.

Ok, maybe some of the really crap stuff, but not the beautiful ladybird or the silver foil fish… they show real promise.

So what do you do?

Thankfully, you don’t have put it all up on your walls.

Here are four beautiful ways to display your kids’ artwork.

A Massive Pinboard

This has been my way of resolving the issue. I asked a talented local carpenter (I can give you his details if you send me an email) to create this enormous pinboard using stretched fabric over plywood with a painted frame. It hangs in the playroom and has enough space for as much kid art as you would ever want to see.

At the beginning of each nursery term we start again and within a couple of weeks it looks like it does in the photo. The only problem is I still can’t bring myself to chuck away the art that has been removed from the board, so it remains stored in our window seat.

The cost: about £100.

A Beautiful Collage To Hang On The Wall

If you lend your kids’ art work to Barney and Wilf, they will make it into a sleek, contemporary grid of miniature prints, which will last a lifetime.

They say:

“We’re Catherine and Jennifer, two busy mums with two kids each who love our children’s artwork, from the gluey glittery masterpieces to the tatty unrecognisable scribbles that are proudly handed to us on a daily basis. We also love grown-up art too and thought how wonderful it would be to combine the two together, to create a piece of gallery quality art using our little ones creations.

There had to be a solution to all the endless piles of paper scattered about the house and so our company, Barney & Wilf was born. We take your children’s little art and make it into beautiful big contemporary prints to display in your home. Every creation is unique and each little piece of children’s art is carefully edited to bring out the colours and detail in their work, whilst still keeping it as untouched as possible. The end result is a bespoke work of art, which will last a lifetime and can be passed on to your children when they’re grown ups too. We hope you love what we have to offer, and if there is anything specific you would like just get in touch!”

The cost: From £60 unframed.

Details: www.barneyandwilf.com 

A Reusable Picture Frame

We’ve got one of these and it’s amazing. You can slide in your children’s art work, and then slide it out and replace it with something even more wall-worthy when the time comes. You can buy single, double or even triple frames, all made of smooth white MDF, which can be personalised by stickers, also available on the Articulate website.

They say:

“We are Colin (dad), Eona (mum), Todd and Murray (12 and 10 years old respectively). We are noisy, red-headed and funny. We designed and produced a range of slot-sided picture frames to allow creative kids to proudly display their artistic endeavours. We also care very much about children accessing and participating in the arts and so Eona has founded the Articulate Cultural Trust, a charity that promotes engagement in creative learning.  We recently supported an exhibition called Through the Lens, a digital photography project and exhibition with care experienced young people in Glasgow.

The cost: From £16.49 for a single frame.

Details: www.articulategallery.com

A Coffee Table Book

Pay a £30 deposit and receive a Doodle Nest postal box. Fill the box with all your kids’ favourite art pieces and complete the art submission form included in your box. Anything goes – paintings, drawings, cards, collages and even 3D objects. Pricing is based on number of artworks. After payment the Doodle Box design team will professionally photograph, edit and layout your book. Within 1-2 weeks they will email you a digital proof for approval before printing. Your kids’ original artwork will be returned to you along with your finished book.

They say: “Andrea and Constanza are two Latin American mums living in Notting Hill. They met on the street in 2007 when Constanza was teaching her oldest son Lucas how to walk and the neighbours quickly became friends. Six years and five children later they decided to build a business inspired by their young families.

They both found themselves completely overwhelmed by the massive piles of kids’ art taking over their homes. The artwork was either falling apart on their fridges and walls or stashed away in drawers. Too precious to throw away, they decided to create a practical and stylish solution – a beautiful bespoke coffee table art book.

Their first attempts were hugely challenging and time consuming. It was a lot harder than they thought. They quickly realized that in order to create a premium quality product they needed to use professional photography and design software. It was a steep learning curve but they got there in the end. Soon they were making bespoke art books and collages for all their friends and it was clear that they were on to something.

Their process really does elevate your magical creations into a gorgeous collection that you and your children will cherish for years to come.

All you have to do is send them your piles of art and they will do the rest.”

The cost: From £175

Details: www.doodlenest.co.uk 


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