Natasha Kaplinsky’s Biodegradable Wet Wipes And Eco Nappies

Natasha Kaplinsky OBE is behind these eco friendly nappies and wipes
Natasha Kaplinsky OBE is behind these eco friendly nappies and wipes
We love Natasha Kaplinsky's new eco friendly wipes and nappies...

Wet wipes have been identified as a leading pollutant in the UK, responsible for clogging riverbeds and oceans with a devasting impact on marine life. Thank goodness, then, that Natasha Kaplinsky, OBE is leading the charge in support of biodegradable wet wipes with her mother and baby brand, Mum & You.

The Government announced plans last week to tackle wet wipe pollution with a proposed ban on all wipes containing plastics.

Natasha has been working tirelessly with her team to provide a solution to the issue with a biodegradable baby wipe, so parents don’t have to compromise, and to reassure parents that they can still benefit from a convenient product that makes lives easier.

“With the news that wet wipes have been identified as a leading pollutant, it’s vital that we find greener alternatives,” Natasha says.

“With our 100% biodegradable wipes, we are able to re-assure parents they can still benefit from all the convenience of a wet wipe without damaging our precious environment.”

Natasha Kaplinsky is trying to help mums help the environment
Natasha Kaplinsky is determined to help mums help the environment

As parents of young children become increasingly switched on to environmental issues, companies like Mum & You are providing the eco-conscious products that the mum and baby market is starting to demand.  Mum & You sells 100% biodegradable wipes which contain zero plastics and no harsh chemicals, providing a solution to the proposed wet wipe ban.

Rajiv Chandra, CEO and Founder of Mum & You, added: “Understandably, parents are concerned about the news that wet wipes might be banned from the UK in the future. Whilst it’s important to ensure we consider the environmental impact of wet wipes, we also mustn’t hamper parents by taking away important products that help them in their everyday lives. As many people have pointed out, we must look to ways to make these products more sustainable, rather than simply get rid of them.”

Mum & You supports a number of initiatives to better the lives of babies and young children, including Save the Children, where Natasha has been an ambassador since 2010.

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